Remembering Donny Dudley – Revised 9/1

It was the hardest article I ever wrote.  One year ago today we lost one of our brightest stars and one the games finest young ambassadors.  Whether you were on his team or on the other team, everybody came off the court with a good impression of Donny. We remember Donny here, in the words of some of his friends. If you would like to add your voice please respond in the comment section below.  This post will remain on top of the blog  for the entire week.  Look for newer posts below.

Russell Santos

Donny was a great tennis player, a teammate who taught us so much and was always patient and helpful.  But more than being a promising talent, he was a good, caring person, a really good friend.
It has been a year, and we still miss him greatly–always will–but we’re comforted by the fact that his memory will live on through the Donny Dudley Tennis Foundation, Tournament, and Scholarship.  It is a fitting legacy that Donny, who inspired all of us with his passion, will continue to be an inspiration to young tennis players for years to come.
It was a privilege to play on the same team as him and an honor to call him a friend.
Josh Jachuck
 “Donny was a fierce and respectful competitor on the tennis court, and a great friend off the court. I will always remember our matches and the time we spent at sectionals and tournaments together. I am honored to have known Donny, and his loss has been a tragedy for everyone that had the privilege of knowing him.”
Lars Olson
What I remember most about Donny is he was the most outgoing and nicest
friend around, he never talked bad about anybody.

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