Rankings – Our Adults go National

In the Men’s 45’s National rankings you will find two Northern Region players.  Mike Taber of Saratoga Springs is ranked  178th.  Tim Waters is ranked 247th. Unfortunately both players got their points in walkovers but it’s great to see our players out there competing in National events.  In the 65’s, Bill MacArthur is ranked 49th with a 10-5 overall record in National tournaments.  Most recently, Bill won the 65’s in the Chaffee-Hart-Alden tournament at Williams College over the weekend of July 20th.  In June he got to the finals of the Jack Dorsey Memorial Tournament.  At the Jack Dorsey tournament he beat Phillip Lucas who is #14 in the country in the 65’s – a good win.  In January he played the West Coast Super Grand Prix at Sterling Oak and won two rounds before losing to 13th ranked Armisteed Neely.  He also played the West Coast Super Grand Prix the week before at Colonial and won 2 rounds before losing to 7th ranked Donald Long in 3 sets.  It’s been a good ranking year for Bill.  Now he concentrates on coaching Girls varsity tennis at Shenendehowa.  Mike Finnerty of East Berne is ranked 87th Nationally in the 70 and Overs.  Mike also played the Chaffee-Hart-Alden tournament where he had a quarter final win but lost to the #47 player – George Lynch – in the semi finals.

In the women’s we have Marika Lindholm of Germantown who is ranked 36th.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you might recognize the name.  Her kids – Ella and Jonas – have had a good deal of success in local junior tournaments.  Marika got her points by winning two tournaments at Colonie Country Club this summer.  She also played National Hardcourts but did not win a round there.  Marika is also ranked 31st in the 45 and Overs.  She got her points by winning the Tri County Open so she needs to defend those points in a few weeks.  She also got points with a win at the National Indoors and two wins at the Westchester Greenwich Women’s Championships.  In the Women’s 50’s – it’s Marika Lindholm again at #19.  She was helped by two walkovers at National Grasscourts and a retirement although she was up 6-1, 2-1 at the time of the retirement.  She also won all three rounds to take the title at the Senior Slams at Yale University.  In the Women’s 60 and Overs we have Linda Friedlander of Lake Placid at #30.  Linda won a round at the National Grass Court Tournament and 2 rounds at Hardcourts.

The adult rankings are done differently than the junior rankings.  The rankings are only for singles.  We will go over doubles rankings in a future posting.

Congratulations to all of the ranked players from the Northern Region


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