Growing Champions For Life

Recently, the Parenting Aces Webcast featured David Benzel,  who’s website – Growing Champions for Life – also features a blog of the same name.  It was a good conversation which I recommend listening to (there is a link to the podcast below).  Below is an excerpt from his blog article titled “Talking the Walk Helps Walking the Talk” which was published on March 15th.


An assistant coach of fifth- and sixth-grade teams at Springfield’s Catholic Youth Organization, is accused of attacking the coach of the winning team after a game. As the players were shaking hands following the game, the coach allegedly attempted to kick the other team’s coach, tried to punch the man in the face, and then bite off part of his ear.  Of course this incredible reaction to losing a game makes everyone cringe and brings much embarrassment to the youth programs involved.

In the final analysis, if coaches speak only of “x’s” and “o’s” but fail to purposefully create an honorable culture for ALL members to respect, we will continue to see shocking displays of poor judgment from those whom we assume know better.  David Benzel

See the whole article HERE

Growing Champions for Life WebpageHERE

Parenting Aces Podcast featuring David Benzel


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