Scholarship for Athletes

Lisa Stone of the Penting Aces Blog has  new podcast featuring her interview with Ross Greenstein of Scholarship for Athletes.  Listen to the Podcast by clicking – HERE

According to their web site:

Ross Greenstein1 225x300 Choosing a college for a tennis player Scholarship For Athletes is the premier consulting company for student-athletes and their families. We educate student athletes and their families about the recruiting process, making sure that the athletes end up at the best school for them on and off the field of play.

SFA makes sure that student athletes understand how the interview process works, what the coaches want them to do and why the coaches want them to do it. We then take them through the process in a hands-on approach, starting with a college list and market valuation all the way through their college commitment.

About Ross Greenstein:

Ross was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. From a young age, Ross became involved in sports and began playing tennis at a competitive level at the age of 8. After a successful junior tennis career, where he finished with a national ranking of 23, Ross was recruited by the top college tennis teams around the nation.

Ross graduated from the University of Florida in 2004 with a degree in Health and Human performance. While in college, Ross conducted research on the recruiting process and realized that very few high school student athletes were taught the necessary life skills on how to conduct a proper job interview, network, and build relationships. This need for education prompted him to develop what is now Scholarship for Athletes (SFA). SFA was founded in 2005 as the premier consulting company for student athletes and their families. He enjoys traveling, reading, playing sports, spending time with his family and friends and walking on the beach with his two dogs- Nahla and Miki.


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