September 4, 2012 – High School Results


Bethlehem defeated Averill Park 8-1

(BC) Emma DeFrancesco def Maddie Carpenter 10-6

(BC) Meghan Wendth def Morgan Minkler 10-2

(BC) Mallory Schultz def Heidi Schuman 10-3

(BC) Madeline Dering def Liz Lannigan 10-1

(BC) Iris Zhou def Joanne Yeong 10-2

(BC) Grace DiRisio def Halla Carpinello 10-2


(BC) Mackenzie Fox/Chelsea Herr def Alyssa Lindenman/Maggie Pasanan 10-4

(BC) Rozara Sanders/Austen Crawford def Shelby Glasser/Kelsey Ernest 10-5

(AP) Ali Perry/Morgan Monaco def Linda Li/Shannon Delaney 10-7

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