Adult Rankings – Northern Region – Mens Singles – September 2012

While there are no Northern Regional Men in the Top 20 in the Eastern Section, there is no shortage of Highly ranked players from the Northern Region either.  Ryan Schmitz leads the way with a 10-6 record.  Ryan is ranked 26th in the Section. He won the Schenectady Open and lost in the finals of the Tri City Memorial Day Tournament.  Ryan is playing his college tennis at Siena as is Michael Amico who is ranked 244th.  The ranking is deceptive as Michael has only played one adult tournament this year.  Look for that number to improve.  The Siena Saint’s had their annual match against the Alumni on Saturday, results are not yet online.  They start their match play schedule on the 22nd when they host St. Francis at Noon.

Next up is Tri City pro Andy Schecther who is 32nd. Andy has an 8-2 record which includes winning the Tri City Mayor’s Cup tournament in March and last year’s Tri City Christmas Championships.  The rankings are based on the last 12 months.  Interesting enough he beat 60th ranked Emerson Kelby of Oneonta three times including 2 times in finals.  Emerson played only 3 adult tournaments and other than his 3 losses to Andy was undefeated.  Emerson has a 5-3 record.  Emerson is tied with RPI Assistant Coach Larbi Lamzouri at 60th.  Larbi wonthe Tri City Memorial Day Classic by beating Ryan 6-7 (9), 7-5, 6-3 in the finals.  He also had wins in the big $5,000 tournaments at Colonie Country Club.

Ian Van Cott is ranked 59th but he also just played two $5,000 money tournaments at Colonie Country Club so he earned his points the hard way.  Along the way, Ian had wins over 10th ranked Sean Jardinico (7-5 retired injury); 15th ranked Raphael Almedia (6-3, 6-4) and 21st ranked Ryan McCormick (6-1, 6-1).  Both of his losses were in the semi finals.  Once to 128th ranked Alexander Centenari who plays for Dartmouth (more on Centenari – CLICK HERE).  Ian’s other loss was to Matt Kandath from Gansevoort who stands at 62nd.  Matt only played the one tournament but made it to the finals before losing to Alexandre Lacroix.  Lacroix is currently ranked 751st in the world and has won $6,620 on the ATP tour for his career so far (singles and doubles combined).  Lacroix played his college tennis at Floridaand had an impressive career. (Finished career as Florida’s all-time leader in overall wins (214), doubles victories (104) and tied for fourth in singles wins (110)…ITA All-American in singles and doubles with Sekou Bangoura Jr., becoming the fifth player to receive four All-American honors in UF history…Finished the season ranked eighth nationally in singles and 12th (with Bangoura) and 29th (with Nassim Slilam) in doubles…).  Matt starts his Senor year at Stanford with the Napa Valley Classic on September 21st.  Check back for future information about Matt.

Jorge Falla, ranked 85, is the senior man on this list.  You would never guess he’s 50 years old.  Jorge had a 3-2 record, only playing two big money tournaments.  Jorge is the proud father of Alejandro Falla who is ranked 52nd in the world on the ATP tour.

Green Island’s Eric O’Hearn is ranked 94th and Argyle’s Tom Reifenheiser is ranked 95th.  Alex Van Cott is ranked 98th. Alex just played the one tournament and it included an impressive win over 10th ranked Sean Jardinico 6-0, 6-1.  He also lost to Alexandre Lacroix.

Players ranked 100-200 were Ron Schmitz (Scotia – 124th); Hachi Vo (Clifton Park – 151st); RickFenner (Clinton – 168th); Jake Crawford (Clinton and University of Chicago – 168th); Chris Frost (Niskayuna and Middlebury College – 178th); Emilio Pagan-Yourno (Scotia – 180th); Juan Bitanga (Albany – 192nd); John Taft (Queensbury, Formerly Oneonta College – 192nd) and David Lencewicz (Albany – 197th).

Players ranked 200-300 are Rohin Bose (Bethlehem – 218th); Vishnu Kakuturi (New Hartford – 222nd); Scott Smith (Clinton – 222nd); Mitch Burhoe (Glens Falls – 239th); Curt Speerschneider (Skidmore Women’s Coach – 244th).

Other area players include Connor Doud, Jerod Huston, Stefan Kuhar, Bill Brahler, Sam Woods, Brian Johnson and Josh Sagaille


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