Perfect Tennis Parent

[img]Recently, Lisa Stone of the “Parenting Aces” blog interviewed Matt Dektas Jr on her podcast of the same name which is on the UR10s Podcast Network.  It was a great interview with a great interviewee.  I recommend it to all tournament tennis parents.  Matt runs a program at Five Seasons Sports Club with 16 courts indoors and outdoors including clay and hard courts.


Matt defines the Perfect Tennis Parent as a parent “who is always working hard to get better. ”  The first caller asks about parents fighting at the tournaments.  Both Lisa and Matt point out that “the lessons your child will learn from watching you remain calm in these situations and .. not breaking the rules are far more valuable than a win or loss on the tennis court.”  “Kids learn more by watching and they are going to learn by how you handle that situation.”
The book includes interviews with some of the current tour pro’s and coaches of top pro’s who share their ideas about parenting a tennis player with the author.

“What is a Perfect Tennis Parent?” an article by Matt Dektas, USPTA

(Taken from the Novmber/December 2010 edition of Midwest Connection)

 Is there such a thing as a perfect tennis parent?  In the land of Utopian tennis I think the answer is yes, and with the help of some of my best parents, coaches, and players, have come up with a checklist of 10 items that describes a perfect tennis player.

 1)  A perfect tennis parent understands and believes in the process.  They believe that tennis is going to teach their player life skills and give them a positive social network and activity.  (CLICK HERE for all ten items).



(NOTE: You can buy the book here too)

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