Shoulder Flexibility for Tennis

John Steinbreder, TennisMD News
Jan 17, 2011

The following excerpt is from an article on the “Tennis MD” blog.  Follow the link below to read more on the subject and for a link to their FREE instructive video on the subject.

Few things are as important to tennis players as well-functioning shoulders. Especially the ones they use to swing their racquets. After all, they need good flexibility and range of motion in those areas if they expect to hit their forehands and lobs, their overheads and backhands with power and efficiency – and to maintain performance if they happen to play a great deal. But it’s not easy to do things, especially if their shoulders are tight.

“What’s good about these is that they can help tennis players eliminate stroke flaws that occur primarily as a result of physical limitations,” TennisMD expert Bob Donatelli explains. “The stretches don’t take more than ten minutes or so each, and they can make a very big difference in a player’s game.”

Read the whole article –


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