Foothills Conference Championships

“A” Singles

Preliminary Round – Sara Montague (Scotia-Glenville) def. Kate Clements (Glens Falls) 8-2

Semi Final Round –  Christine Arnold (South Glens Falls) def. Montague 10-6; Emma Morrissey (Glens Falls) def. Julia Goyette (Scotia-Glenville) 11-9

Finals – Morrissey def. Arnold 10-4

“A” Doubles

Quarter Final Round – Rebecca Sung/Sydney Schneid (Queensbury) def. Abby August/Emma Lydon (Scotia-Glenville) 8-1; Tina Boyce/Michelle Pellington (Greenwich) def. Amanda Rawson/Claire Severance (Queensbury) 8-5; Megan Roop/Amanda Ling (Q) def. Kathryn Martin/Alex August (Scotia-Glenville) 8-6

Semi Final Round – Sung/Schneid def. Boyce/Pellington 11-10; Zoeller/Aragosa def. Roop/Ling 10-7

Finals – Sung/Schneid def. Zoeller/Aragosa 10-8

“B” Doubles

Quarter Final Round – Salamone/Ciatoli (Scotia-Glenville) def. Burns/Hotte (Scotia-Glenville) 8-1; Rizzo/Greenwood (Scotia-Glenville) def. Rabin/Bruen (Glens Falls) 8-5; Matthewson/Porto (Queensbury) def. Zhou/Cogdill 8-3; Barboza/Raesley (Queensbury) def. Hutchinson/Carringi 8-5

Semi Final Round – Salamone/Ciotoli def. Rizzo/Greenwood 8-1; Matthewson/Porto def. Barboza/Raesly 8-2

Finals – Salamone/Ciotoli def. Matthewson/Porto 10-6


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