Hot debate continues on USTA changes to junior tennis

Good Article from USA Today (excerpts below):

In its earnestness to grow the game of tennis and create the next crop of great American champions, the United States Tennis Association has introduced sweeping changes designed to broaden the talent pool and generate interest in the sport from the bottom up.

On Sunday in Chicago, interested parties will meet with USTA executives for a second time to air their grievances on recent changes made to junior competition schedules.

“The green ball mandate was their biggest botch,” says Chuck Kriese, a junior tennis coach and one of the winningest coaches in college tennis history at Clemson University. “It was the wrong thing to do, to mandate that.”

The USTA views its program, backed by a slick advertising campaign that featured First Lady Michelle Obama and tennis icon Andre Agassi, differently.

“It’s interesting how critics have categorized this as a mandate,” Kamperman wrote on the website “It is actually a rule change that’s been put in place by the ITF, the USTA and almost 200 other countries. The reason we changed the rules for 10 and under competition was simple — we had to or TAUT (10 and Under Tennis) would fail.”

READ the whole article HERE

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