Mauritius and Tennis


Long time readers to this blog might remember how I did an article on how many different countries people have accessed the blog from.  The first article featured the tiny country of Mauritius.  That was back on March 13th.  At that time the blog had been read by people who clicked on it from 61 different countries since February 25th when WordPress started tracking those things.  At this point in time people in 140 countries have logged onto the blog (and yes there are more than 140 countries and sovereign states).  Mauritius is off the coast of Mozambique is Madagascar.  Past Madagascar is a small island called Reunion.  Past Reunion is the Island nation of Mauritius.   Mauritius is 2,040 km2 – for comparison purposes it is slightly smaller than Saratoga County (2,140 km2) and but larger than Albany County (1,380 km2).  Mauritius has a population of 1,291,456 (2012 estimate).

So why do I bring Mauritius back up now? Because Mauritius is the where Serena and her trainer Patrick Mouratoglou  are heading according to an interview she had recently with Federico Coppini on the “Tennis World” Blog (Read the whole interview – HERE).  Excerpt: Q. So Patrick says you’re going to be training in Mauritius.
SERENA WILLIAMS: He talks a lot.

Q. Yeah, he does. That’s a change for you. No L.A., no Florida. He didn’t talk that much.

Q. But he said you were training in Mauritius. For you to put yourself out there, staying in Paris, going to Mauritius, not doing the normal things, is it something you’re trying to do in your life to change things up and keep it fresh?
SERENA WILLIAMS: No. I mean, that’s where everyone at his academy trains at the end of the year. So when we first started working out, that’s all I wanted to do was go Mauritius, because I saw the pictures and it was so pretty. All I could think about – and I’m not kidding – in Stanford I went swimsuit shopping.
So six months in advance I have all my swimsuits and bikinis. Everyone is going to be training two and three times. I told Patrick, Now, look. I train in the morning and I’m at the beach in the afternoon. We have to have some sort of understanding here.
So I’m excited about that. It’ll be like a mini vacation for me. I feel like I’ll working hard and be laying out.

At the time of the first article on Mauritius there had been 3 hits from that Island, now there are 13.  To see the original posting – CLICK HERE


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