Jerzy Janowicz Feature (Andy Murray Conqueror)


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Excerpt: Trust me on this: Janowicz is coming on, and he’s going to be a whole lot more than a one-trick serving pony. While his game is still as inchoate as his public image, it already has more dimensions and variety than that of many comparable big men. There isn’t one among them whose hands are as soft as Janowicz’s, nor one who moves quite as well. In fact, you wouldn’t know how tall he is just by watching him play.

Janowicz’s howitzer serve enabled him to keep pace with Murray until the 11th game, when JJ fell into the 0-30 hole by virtue of an ill-advised cat-and-mouse exchange of drop shots. His willingness to use the drop shot, especially when he’s teased out a poor return or his opponent is expecting a stinging forehand approach blast, is noteworthy. No other big man on the scene seems as aware of how much the short, soft game can do for someone whose long, big game is so lethal.  –  Peter Bodo (


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