5 Speed Training Tips for Tennis Players

Active.net has posted an article for tennis players who want to increase their speed on the court.  Active is the company that processes the entries for all USTA tournaments.

The article focuses on:

1) Proper warmup and cool down.  Almost every tennis player I know – including myself – could do a lot better with their warmup and cooldown routines – if they even have warmup and cool down routines.  A proper warm up and cool down will significantly reduce the amount of muscle soreness that will occur a day or so after the session.

2) Never train in straight lines.  Tennis requires a multitude of movements. Only a few situations requires the player to run forward.

3) Train over short distances.  When you’re training for speed, you only need to be training over very short distances, such as five to 10 meters.

4) Don’t forget your footwork.  You have to adjust your position relative to the ball to be able to hit it well.

5) Rest periods are vital.  One of the most overlooked aspects of speed training is the rest you need in between repetitions or exercises.

To read the whole article – CLICK HERE

The article was written by Paul Gold of easyfitness.com

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  1. In speed training, increasing speed is a common aim among athletes as more commonly than not foot speed is a key part to a winning athletic performance.

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