Perfect Blend

This past week, Copeland Paving added blended lines for 10 & under tennis to the back courts at Capital Region with Court 1 soon to follow.  The blended lines will allow the courts to be used as 36 foot courts and 60 foot courts for 10 & under lessons and play (see diagrams to the right) and as a normal size tennis court (78 feet).  The United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) both recommend different balls and different court sizes for training beginning players in the younger age groups.  The blended lines will help facilitate that training.  They also recommend smaller size racquets for younger players.Drive through almost any suburban neighborhood and you will find a a Little Tikes basketball net in one of the driveways.  The USTA and the ITF are applying that same principle to tennis.  Where the approach of the USTA and ITF has been different is that they are requiring the smaller balls and courts for tournaments that they sanction for the younger age groups.  As far as I know AAU and other sanctioning bodies do not.  The idea is to use a ball that won’t keep bouncing over the players heads so that they will be learning to hit proper strokes instead of hitting overheads on almost every ball.

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