Tennis Psychology

There is some good information over at  Here is some excerpts from Mind Training for Tennis – Tip #17

A big part of Nadal‘s claycourt “aura of invincibility” he established came from his powerful, positive body language – that is, the way he walks, acts and behaves on the court during matches – which has a massive psychological effect on both himself and his opponents.

Federer was very much used to most players being already scared of him before they even walk onto court – but Nadal is completely different.  Instead, Nadal’s powerful body language – such as running all over the court on his way back to the baseline before he begins the hit-up, and his total appearance at all times that he believes he will win – powerfully emphasizes that he is not willing to give that kind of respect to anyone.  

Sure – off the court he is highly respectful at all times, but he (quite correctly) refuses to give this advantage to Roger while they are on the court.

 The important thing to know is that body language not only intimidates and affects the play of your opponent (which some players seek to do, and others are not focused upon at all), it also has a powerful effect upon the way you play as well. 

Never show your opponent that their game is “getting to you”even if you are not winning the match – and eventually they will begin to wonder just what it takes to get you down.

Read the whole article – HERE


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