November 21, 2012 on “The Slice”

Some highlights from the tennis blog “The Slice”

Andy Murray is one of 12 people nominated for the BBC’s Sportsman of the Year

Murray, who became the first British man to win a grand slam singles title for 76 years when he triumphed in the US Open and also won an Olympic gold for good measure, is ranked third favourite with the bookies ahead of Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis.

On a Saturday morning in Stockholm, Robin Soderling is taking the dog for a walk.

“Can you hold on for a second, please?” Soderling asks over the telephone. “A car is coming, and I have no leash.”

He and longtime partner Jenni Mostrom became parents for the first time six weeks ago, and together they live in a newly purchased apartment. Given Soderling’s career earnings of more than $10 million, money isn’t an issue.

It all seems so perfect, and Soderling knows he has it good.

Soderling has consulted numerous doctors, even flying to California in the spring for another expert opinion. Earlier tests revealed that his thyroid wasn’t functioning properly, leading to extreme fatigue. Now the results are improved, but the Swede isn’t 100 percent.

“In some people, mono can affect them for a long period of time,” Paul Chatrath, a London-based ENT consultant and surgeon who has treated mono patients, said in a telephone interview. “Others seem to get rid of it more quickly. It is thought to be due in part to the severity of the initial infection and also to do with the individual person’s own immune system and the ability to fight it off from the first attack.”

Soderling thinks about the summer of 2011 and wonders whether pausing before or after the French Open would have limited the damage.  “Wimbledon was not good at all,” Soderling said. “I was vomiting in the morning, and I had a fever. I don’t know why I played. But then it’s Wimbledon and you want to play, and that’s what you’ve done your whole life: You’ve pushed away your feelings of tiredness and tried harder.”

Meet Roger Federer with 2 Tickets to the US Open Plus Take Home a Signed Racket

Tennis fans- here is your opportunity to meet Roger Federer!


  • 2 tickets for 1st round match at US Open (2013)
  • Meet and greet plus a photo with Roger Federer
  • Signed Roger Federer racket
  • Signed Roger Federer match shirt

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who as of November 2012 is ranked World No. 2 by the ATP. Many sports analysts, tennis critics and former and current players consider Federer the greatest tennis player of all time.


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