Northern Regional Men’s Open Rankings (November 30, 2012)

As we near the end of the ranking year, let’s look at the Northern Regional Men who have Sectional rankings.

Ryan Schmitz of Scotia tops the list.  Ryan is ranked 18th in singles in the Eastern Section.  Ryan is currently playing 2nd singles and 1st doubles for the Siena Saints and he was the 2010 Section 2 singles champion, while Siena’s #3 player, Michael Amico, a former Section 2 Doubles Champion from Bethlehem is ranked 247th.  Ryan is also ranked 9th in doubles with brother Rob and 10th in doubles with Larbi Lamzouri.  Larbi is ranked 13th with Reinaldo Riveros as his partner.  Last year’s Section 2 Champion, Stefan Kuhar is 317th in singles, while Chris Frost, the 2011 Champion is 182nd in singles.  Another former Section 2 champion – and 2 time New York State High School Champion – Matt Kandath of Gansevoort, is ranked 66th in the Eastern Section – singles.  Matt is finishing up his college tennis career at Stanford.  Kandath and Kuhar both played #1 for the Albany Academy and both represented Section 2 at states throughout their high school careers.  Oneonta’s Emerson Kelby is tied with Matt at 66th.  Bethlehem’s current #1 player, Rohine Bose, is ranked 74th in the section in singles.  Kelby and Bose also made it to High School States last year.  Lars Olson of Doane Stuart is currently ranked 149th.  Mitch Burhoe (Glens Falls High School) is 242nd.  Connor Doud – Ballston Spa – is 312th.  Schenectady High School’s Josh Sagaille is 341st.  University of Chicago Freshman Jake Crawford (Clinton, NY) is ranked 174th, while St. Lawrence University Freshman Rob Schmitz (Scotia) is 126th.  Stefan Kuhar, Rob Schmitz, Rohine Bose and Mitch Burhoe finished 1,2,3, 4 at Sectionals last year, while Lars Olson made it to the quarter finals.  Rohine Bose teams with Karan Narula of Poughkeepsie to form the 13th ranked doubles team.  Others playing doubles are: Olson/Bose (30th); and Kelby/Rob Schmitz (41st).

The third highest ranked local singles player is Tri City pro Andy Schechter.  Andy’s Eastern singles ranking is  26th.  He teams with Michael Amico as the 30th ranked doubles team.  Local teaching pro Larbi Lamzouri is 31st in the Eastern Section in singles.  Jorge Falla, father of World #61 Alejandro Falla is ranked 44th in singles (Eastern Section).  Jorge teaches out of the Utica area in the summertime.  Curt Speerschneider, the Skidmore Women’s Head Tennis Coach is ranked 247th, while former Assistant Pro Jerod Huston is 317th.  Jerod teaches out of the Saratoga Y.  Bill Brahler (Saratoga Springs) and Sam Woods (Cambridge) both teach out of the Saratoga Y too and are both ranked 342nd.  Bill is the Director of Tennis at the Y and is the Head Pro at the Saratoga Golf and Polo Club.  Bill is ranked 10th in doubles with fellow pro Paul Arciero.

The Van Cotts – Ian (64 in the East in singles) and Alex (101 in the East in singles) – are playing their college tennis at Tulane University.  They are ranked 30th in doubles.

Green Island’s Eric O’Hearn (98th in singles) and Argyle’s Tom Reifenheiser (100th in singles) round out the area contingency in the top 100 in the Eastern Section.

The other players with rankings from their wins are: Hachi Vo (Clifton Park – 153); Kenan Hadzic (Sauquoit – 169); Rick Fenner (Clinton – 172); Paul Warren (Schenectady – 185); Emilio Pagan-Yourno (Scotia – 185); Atsuro Inada (Rensselaer – 194); Michael Sitts (Gloversville – 198); David Lenciewicz (Albany – 198); Scott Smith (Clinton – 226); Vishnu Kakuturi (New Hartford – 226); Brian Johnson (Latham – 342).  Other doubles teams with points based on their winnings are: Sherwin So/John Lockwood – 13; Peter Dumas/Jonathan Dorin – 13; Phiilip Sykes/Tom Schmitz – 27; Tom Bain/Sherwin So -30; Andy Schecter/Brian Onofry – 30; Gene Cox/Greg Bellcourt – 30; Anthony O’Connell/Peter Campito (41st); Joe Nocera/Paul Warren – 41; Tom Begley/D.H.Chung – 41; Charlie Ellis/Alex Federov – 47; Nolan Carl/Ryan Brady – 47; Joe Holm/Ryan Schmitz – 47; Chris Frost/Ryan Schmitz – 47; Mikchael Donadio – 47; Justin Hsu/Hachi Vo – 47; and Francesco Asano/Reinaldo Riveros – 67

It’s great to see so many players from our region with wins and points.

A few notes on the rankings.  Rankings are based on points so it should not be assumed that a player with a higher ranking is a better player or that a player with a lower ranking is worse.  If a player only plays one tournament they will not have a lot of points, even if they win it.  A player who plays 6 tournaments and wins a few rounds will probably have a higher ranking.  Also, in the adult rankings - USTA Eastern - a player who losses in the first round is awarded a point.  I did not include players whose rankings are a result of those points.

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