Shopping at the Bookstore for your Tennis Player

Holiday gifts that for that special tennis player that you’ll find in the bookstore (Released in the past year or so):

Andy Murray ChampionAndy Murray: Champion -The Full Extraordinary Story (Paperback) – by Mark Hodgkinson

SimonandSchuster ( –

When Andy Murray finally overcame Novak Djokovic in a five-set thriller to secure the 2012 US Open, it was a dream fulfilled for the man from Dunblane. After four previous defeats in Grand Slam finals, Murray had finally achieved what no British man had managed since the 1930s. But the story of how he got there was just as compelling as the final itself, with as many twists and turns along the way. Writer Mark Hodgkinson has been covering that story since the start – he was actually the first person to interview Murray for a national newspaper back in 2004, and has worked closely with Judy Murray in the past.
In Andy Murray: Champion, Hodgkinson explains how Murray first emerged as a tennis player of true quality, and how his rivalry with his brother Jamie spurred him on. He looks at the close relationship Murray has with his mother, and the various coaches who haved worked with him to assess their influence on his game. In a hugely competitive era of tennis, with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all counted to be among the greatest tennis players of all time, Murray has earned the right to be ranked alongside them all – and this book explains how and why he has done so, becoming a true national sporting icon in the process.

Love MatchLove Match – by Ali Vali

Parker “Kong” King is the number one tennis player in the world with a real talent for getting women in her bed. To prepare herself for the one title she’s never won—and avoid the press and her ex—she retreats to a secluded home in Press Cove, Alabama. There she’ll also be safe from the Soldiers of God who’ve threatened to kill her for what they see as her depraved lifestyle.

Commercial pilot Caption Sydney Parish loves the order that comes from a well-constructed plan for everything, her only failure being her personal life. She hopes a vacation will help heal her bruised heart, but soon finds that might not be possible when she discovers she’s one house over from Parker King.

When Parker and Sydney meet, sparks fly, but not from attraction. They have the summer to see if they have a love match, or will the Soldiers of God kill their chance for a relationship?


Tennis Wall Calendar 2013 D

Tennis Wall Calendar 2013 ATennis Wall Calendar 2013 BTennis Wall Calendar 2013 C


Tennis AnatomyTennis Anatomy – E. Paul Roetert & Mark S. Kovacs

Tennis Anatomy Book. Focusing on the exercises and tecniques you need to improve your strength, speed and agility, this book will provide an education like no other. Learn how to modify exercises to target specific areas, improve your skills, and minimize injury. Every tennis player has specific needs and Tennis Anatomy allows you to understand and implement training on both an informative and practical level.

“In Tennis Anatomy, the authors do a terrific job of explaining how to use a balanced strength and conditioning program. Theinformation is practical for all levels and an invaluable tool for better performance on court.” – Paul Annacone (Current coach of Roger Federer and Former Coach of Pete Sampras)

“Tennis Anatomy is an essential resource for both players and coaches. Roetert and Kovacs provide expert instruction and a one-of-a-kind look inside the game.” John Isner (United States Davis Cup Player)

– 72 effective exercises with step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting muscles in action.
– Exercises for both baseline and net
– Illustrations of active muscles for forehands, backhands volleys, overheads and serves, showing how each exercise you do is fundamentally linked to your tennis performance

Roger Federer - The GreatestRoger Federer: The Greatest – by Chris Bowers

“For several years, tennis aficionados wondered whether they could really call Roger Federer the greatest ever tennis player. In 2009, Federer ended that debate by completing his collection of career Grand Slams and overtaking Pete Sampras’ all-time record of 14 major titles. With his olympic gold medal from 2008, Federer is now recognised as the greatest tennis player and has achieved legendary status in the wider sporting world. This authoritative and affectionate biography traces the rise of Federer, from his first tentative strokes with a tennis racket to how he dealt with being sent away to a training academy where he struggled to communicate in a French-speaking part of Switzerland; and how he handled the sudden death of his first real coach and mentor. It looks at his development as a sportsman and how he has matured into a family man with his marriage to Mirka Vavrinec and the birth of their twin girls. It also examines how Roger bounced back from arguably one of the most challenging periods of his career as, following a serious illness and a dip in form, his run of successive Wimbledon championship wins was ended and he was toppled from the number one spot by his long-time rival Rafael Nadal. In characteristic style, Federer silenced his criticsby winning the French Open title for the first time, reclaiming his Wimbledon crown and ending 2009 at the number one position for the fifth time.”–Publisher’s description.

The Greatest tennis Matches of All TimeThe Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time – by Steve Flink

Author and tennis historian Steve Flink profiles and ranks the greatest tennis matches in the history of the sport. Roger Federer, Billie Jean King, Rafael Nadal, Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Rod Laver, and Chris Evert are all featured in this book that breaks down, analyzes, and puts into historical context the most memorable matches ever played. Practically providing readers with a courtside seat at tennis’ most historic and significant duels, this resource is sure to be the start—and end—of many tennis debates.

Roger Federer - Back on TopRoger Federer: Back on Top – by Richard Kent

Amazon Customer Reviews

Richard continues to provide his unique insight into the tennis world. His perspective and style make this an excellent read for not just the tennis fan but for anyone interested in what it takes to be at the top of your profession.

Another excellent book by Richard Kent, noted sports writer from Connecticut. Kent has once again captured the essence of profesional tennis. A must read for the serious tennis fan– this one even better than his inside look at the US Open.

Tennis Skills & DrillsTennis Skills & Drills – by Joey Rive

Solid groundstrokes, a confident net game, a dictating serve, a sharp return game, and specialty shots for every situation—build your game from the ground up with the techniques and shots that are essential for success in today’s versatile and powerful game. Combine that with winning tactics for singles and doubles, and Tennis Skills & Drills is your blueprint for taking your game to the next level.

Start with assessing the basic techniques for the various strokes and see how you can improve your footwork, grip choices, and swing patterns. Then increase your options with spins, angles, and depth. Complete instruction for all of the strokes along with over 110 practice drills is like having your own personal coach.

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