Roger Federer a Class Act

This article says more about class than the title portrays.  The article is from the blog “Black Athlete Sports Network”.  It is extraordinary for Roger Federer to be recognized by a blog dedicated to Black Athletes and it says a lot for Federer.  It is also shows a lot of class that this blog publish the article.  The article was written by Richard Kent – the author of the recently released book “Roger Federer: Back on Top” which we noted as a possible Christmas gift for a tennis player in a recent posting (Shopping at the Bookstore for your Tennis Player).  Richard Kent is also the author of the book “The Racket” – with a Forward written by John McEnroe.  BOOK DESCRIPTION: African American athlete who discovers tennis at an early age and then weaves his way into tennis greatness despite some major pitfalls.

NEW YORK, NY. (BASN)–There may never have been a classier athlete.Roger Federer defines dignity and grace.That was never more in evidence than Friday in his one hour workout in Arthur Ashe Stadium.  READ MORE – HERE


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