The Practice Match Predicament

From the “TennisNow” Blog – excerpts below.

Incorporating practice matches into a junior player’s training regimen may seem like a foregone conclusion (i.e. in order to perform well in a tournament, logic suggests one would play matches in preparation); though often over-scheduling, lack of access to opponents, and fear of losing keep developing juniors from competing in practice.

Jay Berger, the USTA’s head of men’s tennis and the 2012 men’s Olympic coach, has seen the problem firsthand. “I’ve been running player development camps in the nine years that I’ve been a coach at the USTA,” he said.  “At every camp that I’ve run, I’ve always asked how many practice sets people play, and I’ve been dumbfounded – and these are top national players – by how few they play.”

Juniors at the USTA’s national training centers average around 12-14 sets per week – numbers Berger says are typical of many pro players during their development years.

Read the whole post – HERE

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