Why College Tennis is so Beneficial

From “tennisinsiders.com” – some excerpts below

College tennis in the US gives athletes the opportunity to play four years of tennis with the added benefit of knowing they have a coach, court time and people to play with: teammates. With squads of usually around ten to fifteen players, there is never a shortage of other players to practice with. The nature of dual matches against other colleges also brings the element of inter-squad competitiveness to the fore, because there are only six starting positions available in the singles line-up and three doubles pairs to choose from. Competing for spots on your team can be a learning experience in itself, as you have to learn to play against friends who are as hungry as you are to secure a starting spot. Once the team has been selected, there is an abundance of matches against other teams in the conference, both on site and away matches. Whether you are an established senior or an incoming freshman supporting from the sidelines, every single member of the team plays a part in building a special team spirit that is rarely found outside the college arena.

Once enrolled in a program, students are immersed in an atmosphere in which most young people thrive. With a shared passion for tennis and the daily ritual of training, eating and often living with one another, the bond between teammates is what really brings the college experience to life and results in long lasting friendships. There is nothing more fulfilling than pulling together with your best friends, playing the sport you love, enduring hardships and overcoming them to taste victory with one another.

Read the whole article – HERE


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