Craig Tiley – Australian Open Boss, Picks Murray

Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley predicts 2013’s title winner – Andy Murray.  He also picked Maria Sharapova as the Women’s Australian Open Champion.

“I think, on the men’s side Andy Murray will be difficult to beat this year,” Tiley said. “Novak is a defending champion, he is playing great tennis, he is obviously tough to beat, but I think Andy Murray is someone who we are going to see even more.”

“In the women’s draw, I think, Maria,” Tiley said. “I think she was probably playing the best tennis at the end of the year. Azarenka is playing great tennis and she won here last year obviously and this was her first breakthrough.”

So what are the odds?

On the Men’s side you can pay as little as 5/4 for Novak Djokovic (meaning a bet of four Euro’s will win you 5 Euro’s so you wil get back 9 Euro’s, the 5 you won plus the 4 you bet).  You can get as high as 32/21 for a bet on Djokovic.  Andy Murray is anywhere from 9/4 to 41/12.  Roger Federer 15/4 to 59/10.  Rafa is between 5/1 and 8/1.  The reason the odds are in Euro’s is because gambling on sports is legal in London.  If you want to take a chance on am American long shot you can get anywhere from 50/1 to 379/1 on John Isner.  If you really want a long shot you can get 1,000/1 on Donald Young.

On the Women’s side Bet365 lists Serena Williams at 6/4; Victoria Azarenka at 11/4; Maria Sharapova at 7/1; Petra Kvitova at 9/1 and Christina McHale will bring in between 200/1 and 300/1.

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