15-LOVE highlights 10 & Under tennis at it’s newest facility

15-LOVEThe project to rebuild tennis courts at Michigan Ave., located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Schenectady, is now complete.  In an effort led by 15-LOVE, more than $350,000 in funding was raised to create six 10-an-under and eight regulation sized tennis courts.

Ribbon Cutting“When the courts are here, the community does come,” said Montes, who moved up over the years from participant to program director at the Capital Region Youth Tennis Foundation’s 15-Love program.

They will be the only courts of their kind from New York City to Canada, explains 15-Love Executive Director Amber Marino.

The 10 standard courts off of Schuyler Street have already been torn up to make room for eight 78-foot courts with blended lines and six 36-foot courts. The latter are for participants age 10 and under. The combination of these court types at one site is rare. Semi-permanent outdoor bathrooms will also go up at the fenced-in site.

“This is going to be a very unique site, a family-oriented site, because kids of all ages will be able to play on appropriate courts,” Marino said.

Read about the Project in the Schenectady Gazette:


Before & After Photo’s:




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