Real Tennis Training with On the Rise Tennis

So how do you train for such a potential variety of duration? Analysis has shown that the typical point in tennis involves between 3 and 7 changes of direction and obviously, due to the size of the court, the longest distance covered in a single direction is 30yards.   There is no point in training over longer distances than those involved in the game: running over 30yards is utterly redundant for tennis players.

Deceleration is king. When training for tennis we are looking to build an athlete capable not only of reaching top speed quickly but decelerating and changing direction.

A popular analogy for the importance of deceleration involves Cars. How fast would you drive a car that had no brakes? How fast would you drive that car on a tennis court?

Achieve structural balance

Ensuring that the muscles on both sides of a joint are in balance with one another will make you far less injury prone and will improve your performance. If your strength training program is unbalanced and consists of mostly training the muscles you can see in the mirror then you are placing yourself at a far greater risk of injury.

Train the posterior chain

Tennis players should spend a large amount of time training the muscles of the posterior chain with a focus on the eccentric portion of the exercise: the glutes and hamstrings in particular. Leg extensions will no longer cut it; hamstring curls, glute-ham raises, back extensions, Romanian deadlifts and Good Mornings are the order of the day.

These are just some excerpts from the article.  Read the whole article – HERE

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