Siena Women’s Tennis

Siena Recruit Mitsuki Fukamachi received a prestigious Sportsmanship award.  We reported earlier on the new recruits for next year – Click Here

This from the Siena web page:

Mitsuki Fukamachi Receives USTA NEOTA Sportsmanship Award 

On Sunday, December 9 at the Annual Meetings and Awards Ceremonies of USTA’s Northeastern Ohio Tennis Association (NEOTA), Mitsuki Fukamachi received the 2012 Junior Girls Sportsmanship Award from the president of the NEOTA Mr. Kevin Senich.

This yearly award is given to only one girl junior player between the ages of 10 and 18 at the conclusion of every year. Jacob Dunbar was the recipient of the award for the boys.

The USTA-NEOTA has long recognized outstanding sportsmanship displayed by the junior players that participate in tournaments and leagues. Fukamachi has exhibited consistent display of outstanding class, perfect on-court demeanor, and maintained the highest standards of tennis etiquette.

Ms. Carol Gander, Executive Director of the USTA’s NEOTA commented: “During a calendar year all tournament directors submit names for the NEOTA Sportsmanship award, both boys and girls. Mitsuki had high praise from our major tournament the District Qualifier for Midwest, The NEOTA District Cup Team, other tournaments, and also from other players and parents. This is the only award for sportsmanship in the district and we are very careful in our selection. As the Executive Director and tournament director have enjoyed Mitsuki throughout her junior years and wish her best of luck at college.”

Another current member of the Siena Women’s tennis team, Allysa Singh (Freshman.) was awarded similar sportsmanship awards from the USTA Southwest Section during her junior career.

“This award tells you what Mitsuki is all about, and the quality of character the student athletes we recruit to come to Siena possess,” head coach Andy Christodoulou said. “Despite her fierce competitive spirit, she maintains honest, open nature and positive disposition throughout her matches. This award also shows how well she will fit in at our school which practices these same virtues through its founding the Franciscan tradition.”

Siena Students Athletes Get Straight A’s in NCAA GSR Report

Siena student athletes graduate. Using the most recent data released Thursday in the NCAA’s Graduation Success Rate (GSR) report, student athletes who entered Siena as freshmen in 2005 graduated from college at a 95% clip, the sixth highest rate in the nation.

Siena has ranked in the top-10 percent of Division I institutions in all eight GSR reports, and is one of just 21 schools with a GSR of 93% or above in each report. This is the sixth time Siena has posted a GSR of 95% or above. The 98% attained in the 2011 report represented Siena’s best GSR.

“I think it’s a commitment that begins with the Board of Trustees,” Siena president Fr. Kevin Mullen, O.F.M. said of the continued academic success of Siena’s student athletes. “It’s a commitment that is shared by our faculty and administrators. It’s something our student body and staff take great pride in. I think there’s a collective effort here.”

Thursday’s report gives graduation information for students and student athletes who entered college in 2005, the most recent class for which the required six years of information is available. It also breaks down the GSR by sport, using a four-year class average (2001-2004) called a cohort rate to provide a big enough sample.

Twelve of Siena’s Division I sports posted perfect 100% cohort GSRs, and all 18 out-performed the cohort national average. Siena sports that achieved perfect cohort GSRs were: men’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s tennis, women’s cross country, field hockey, women’s golf, women’s soccer, softball, swimming and diving, women’s tennis, volleyball and water polo.

Siena’s basketball programs surpassed the cohort GSR national average by a large margin. The men’s basketball program posted an 89% cohort GSR according to the report, 15 percentage points higher than the national average of 74%. The women’s basketball program registered a 92% cohort GSR compared to the national average of 84%.

“It is all about academics first at Siena College,” head coachAndy Christodoulou said. “We take great pride in winning games, but we always keep the focus on academics. That is what our students are here for, and the support level we provide is second to none.”

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