Tennis Nutrition: Try A Banana To Increase Your Tennis Stamina

Tennis bananaBecause when you’re playing hard, you sweat out a lot of nutrients your body needs. And in the extreme heat, you’re going to perspire much more profusely and lose those nutrients at a much faster rate.

Two of the most important nutrients your body loses are sodium and potassium.  And if you want to be able to kick it in to the next gear and push past these conditions, without collapsing or being forced to retire, you’re going to have to replenish those nutrients asap!

And bananas are great for this, because they are often dubbed one of the most potassium-packed food on the market – absolutely great for your tennis nutrition.

This from the comments:

Your tip on bananas is right on! As an attribute conditioning coach I can personally attest to the truth concerning the vital importance you tell about of the nutrients like sodium and potassium in hard working folks in hot conditions! While training with the US Army Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, NC for jungle warfare conditions we all supplemented with sodium in our water, and ate bananas whenever we could. It can get real humid and hot during the summer at Ft. Bragg NC! … whew!!

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  1. interestingly, the sports nutritionist who was on my radio show last week talked about the fact that bananas – while great as a part of an athlete’s daily diet – are NOT the best thing to take on-court to eat during a match. their high sugar content can cause stomach upset or nausea. a better on-court snack is salted pretzels which digest quickly and have plenty of sodium to replenish salt lost via sweat.

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