The Universal Tennis Rating

pyramidUniversal Tennis features 16 levels of tennis and provides tennis players world wide a common language to determine their level of play. The 16 levels of tennis are based on actual match results without regard for age or gender using the Competitive Threshold to determine accurate ratings. In addition, Universal Tennis’s on-line website allows visitors to view thousands of tennis results. In 2011 new search features have been added to our “Basic” subscription and our new “Premium” subscription. These include searches by college, country, state, and level.

 Junior players who wish to monitor their match play and level of development will find our “Basic” subscription will be they need.
 College bound juniors will enjoy the new “college search” to locate schools whose tennis program fit their level.
 U.S. collegiate coaches will enjoy the added search features on our “Premium” website which include advanced searches on all college teams, precise levels to two decimal points, U.S. player searches by state for junior players, and searches by country. All searches can be refined by levels of play.
 Parents, teaching pros, and tennis fans of all types will be able to track their favorite players, whether they are professional, collegiate, or college bound junior players.

A player who consistently meets the competitive threshold within a given level of play will receive a Universal Tennis Number/Rating at that level. Ratings are determined using players’ results which include up to their last 30 scores within the last 12 months.  The Threshold is one game more than 1/2 of the games needed to win.  In other words it takes a minimum of 12 games to win a two out of three set match so the threshold would be 7 games (in other words you reach the threshold with a 6-4, 6-3 score).

A player receives a provisional rating until he or she has a sufficient number of scores in our system to receive a “reliable” Universal Rating.

The ratings go from Red, Orange, Green Ball to Level 16 (Novak Djokovic).  As you can see Levels 1-4 are stage 1 with the top players in Level 4 being described as “Starts to use manuevering tactics, usually with crosscourt shots.  May play USTA tournaments.”  The next stage goes to Level 8 which is described as “Highly advanced competitive skill.  Can manuever, attack and conclude successfully.”  Then we go to Level 12 “Top 200 WTA; trying to make their living in pro tennis.  Highly Ranked USTA Sectional boys.  Valuable player in most men’s college programs.”  Level 16 is “Top 80 to 100 ATP players.  Make a living at pro tennis.”  For a complete listing of the Levels go to:

To view the players you have top be a member which costs $49 for a basic membership for a year.  A premium membership is $99 and it allows you to see their Level down to 2 decimal places (for example a player may actually be Level 3.15)

Visit their web site at:


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  1. Peter, I wanted to let your readers know that Dave Howell of UTR was a guest on my radio show a couple of weeks ago. Folks can listen to the archived version of the show at

    1. Thanx. I encourage my readers to listen to the Parenting Aces Podcast regularly.

      1. i sure do appreciate that! thank you!

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