Muscles – The Story of Ken Rosewall’s Life

MusclesWednesday, 5 December, 2012     By Nicolas McCarvel

From the Australian open web site.

Wednesday morning in a skyscraper soaring high above Melbourne Park, one of tennis’ most well known champions was celebrated with the book launch of Muscles, the authorised biography of Ken Rosewall.

The book, written by Richard Norton with a forward by John Barretttells the tale of Rosewall’s rise to becoming one of Australia’s most revered athletes, winning eight major tournaments while also detailing the period in tennis that may have been richest for Australia, when players like Rosewall, Rod Laver, Lew Hoad and John Newcombe dominated the game.

“This book tells the story of a period of tennis that is often forgot,” said host John Fitzgerald, a former Australian Davis Cup captain. “Ken’s story is transcendent.”

Rosewall, 78, was joined at the launch by Frank Sedgman and Neale Frasier, two Australian greats that bookended his time in the game.

Author Naughton paid homage to Rosewall, who he said was rather tentative to take on the project when he approached him about it in early 2011.

“Initially he was a little guarded,” Naughton said. “He wasn’t so interested in a book about himself, but more of a book that captured the flavour of pro tennis at that time.”

Rosewall, who made four Wimbledon finals, lost in the 1974 championship match to Jimmy Connors at the age of 39, some 18 years his junior.

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From the Book’s Facebook Page:

In most tennis circles when you mention the name Ken Rosewall you will hear about a tennis legend who had successes on courts all over the world including major wins in the Davis Cup and the Grand Slams. But you rarely hear about Ken Rosewall, the man.

“Muscles – The Story of Ken Rosewall” shows visitors how this humble tennis legend started in the grass roots of Australian Tennis and landed some 18 Grand Slam Championship titles in his 30 plus years playing amateur, professional and open tennis.

Explore Ken’s youth, tennis successes and his family life in this extraordinary exhibition highlighting the man behind the Muscles at the Australian Tennis Museum.

Facebook Page:

Australian tennis legend Ken Rosewall tells 702 Drive’s Richard Glover about his new book.

Speaking about his competitor Rod Laver, Ken said ‘I got to know Rod fairly well and we travelled together. We played a lot of great matches and a lot of those great matches have been lost in the woodwork somewhere but some are remembered. He was one of the best both on and off the court.’

Richard asked Ken why the new book is called ‘Muscles’. ‘Well an old story that does go back a long way…me and my friend Lou shared the same room and the same showers, he had all the muscles and I had none so he suggested to our senior player George Worthington that I should be called Muscles and that’s how the name stuck’

Read this story – HERE


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