Maintaining Nutrition Goals at Christmas

English Institute of SportFrom the “English Institute of Sport“.  Here is a few excerpts from the article:

English Institute of Sport Performance Nutritionist Emma Gardner has given us some tips to help maintain your nutrition goals at Christmas:

Choose wisely

Emma says: “Whether at a buffet or a Christmas dinner base your meals around lean protein options and vegetables/salad. Take the time to browse and see what is on offer first so you don’t fill your plate with poor choices from picking at impulse.

“If the food is a buffet try not to linger by the food so you are not tempted to graze through conversation! See the food swaps at the bottom of the article to help you choose the wiser choice.”

Christmas Dinner Swaps

SWAP turkey legs/thighs and skin FOR turkey breast

Turkey is a lean meat but the darker leg and thigh meat can have a higher fat content especially with the skin on.

SWAP gravy FOR bread sauce/fruit sauces

Fruit sauces such as cranberry, chutneys, pickles and jams contain no fat.  Limit your gravy intake and add some fruit sauce/jelly to add moisture to the dish.

Read More – HERE


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