12 & Under Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis

Junior Team Tennis

USTA Eastern - Northern Region (Our Region)

USTA Eastern – Northern Region (Our Region)

Junior Team tennis is off and running for the 2012-13 season.   I plan to do articles on each of the divisions starting with today’s article on the 12 & unders.

15-LOVECaptain Domingo Montes

Eldred Cabahug, Sven Ceniza, Nasiru Kotey, Alyana Leandry, Gia Resciniti, Samaria Spivey

The 2013 15 LOVE 12’s has a mix of new and old. The team has 3 new members Sven Ceniza, Samaria Spivey and Gia Recinetti. Returning from the 2012 season are Nasiru Kotey, Alyana Leandry, and Eldreg Cabahug. Besides tennis the team enjoys 15 LOVE Healthy Cooking nights and gardening at the 15 LOVE garden. As cousins Sven and Eldreg enjoy being on the same team and learning from each other. They often hit together at various parks with their families. Nasiru and Alyana being two of the veterans of the 12’s team have taken their leadership roles seriously, guiding younger teammates Gia, Samaria and Sven in practice and matches.

Capital Region Mini-NettersCaptain Peter Green

Madeline Carswell, Cole Churchill, Zoe Davis, Michael Kendrick, Kevin Lin, Frank Mendonca, Yolanda Mendonca, Christian Ricciardelli, Lucas Young

Last year, the Capital Region 12 and unders completely the journey from a last place team the year before to a first place team.  This years team hopes to do the same.  Kevin Lin remains from the winning team, most of whom are playing in the 14’s now.  Cole Churchill was around her sisters team enough to know she wanted to play team tennis too.  Christian Ricciardelli also played on a 12 and under team last year.  The remaining players – Madeline Carswell, Zoe Davis, Michael Kendrick, Frank & Yolanda Mendonca and Lucas Young are all new to team tennis.  At Capital Region, we strive to give our kids opportunities to play and team tennis is an opportunity they all love.

Junior SlammersCaptain Karen Ricci

Paige Benfer, Jack DeWeese, Bryce Dittrich, Emma Eldrid, Cassidy Levy, Cole Levy, Charles Liebers, Amanda Ricci

Our U12 team, The Jr Slammers U12, is a very tight-knit group!  The parents and players get along like a family and have tons of fun.  This is a building year for us, but we simply focus on doing our best while still having fun.  Many times, all the kids will ride in the same car to matches and either talk the whole time or blast music and sing together!  For our team, the memories we make having fun together are what is going to stick with us for years to come.

Saratoga AcesCaptain Virginie Poritzky

Krisia Flores, Lorna Flores, Gracelyn Goodridge, Nicholas Grosso, Matthew Hogan, Bryce North, Elijah Poritzky, Elizabeth Siebeneck

Scared HitlessCaptain Joe McClements

Pierce Doud, Rebecca Dunay, Jordan Flicker, Max Jackson, Rece McClements, Chloe Roop, Anya Sager

Scared Hitless is a 12 and under USTA tennis team based out of the Wilton YMCA. For the last two years the team was called the Wilton Smashers. It was coached and captained by Wilton YMCA employee Joe McClements. The new team still has three players from the old Smasher team. Rece McClements, Max Jackson, and Jordan Flicker they have been playing  together for three years. New additions to the team are Rebecca Dunay, Anya Sagar and Pierce Doud. This years team has a new look and a new coach. Wilton YMCA Tennis Director Bill Brahler is now coaching with Coach McClements assists and Captains the team. The team wears tye die shirts and blue “Act With Respect Always” warm up shirts.

Sportime Acers Captain Minho Lee

Christine Lee, Tadd Long, Yvonne Tang, Elise Wagle, Evan Eagle, Edwin Yang

Sportime BombersCaptain David Versocki

Rubin Chen, Anika Govindarajan, Marielle Maple, Nikhil Mehta, Sydni Towe, Samantha Versocki, Benjamin Yao

Last spring SPORTIME Schenectady decided that they would sponsor a junior team tennis team.  Under the direction of our Tennis Coordinator and QuickStart Director, Sarah Sharpe, practices were started in April for the current season.  So many juniors were interested that Sarah realized that we’d need two teams and the drafting of the Acers and the Bombers began.  The Acers are lead by Capitan Min-Ho Lee and feature his daughter Christine Lee, and Evan and Elise Wagle, Edwin Yang , Tadd Long and Yvonne (Evie) Tang.  While the Bombers are lead by Marie-Claire Maple and feature her daughter Marielle Maple and Samantha Versocki, Ben Yao, Anika Govindarajan, Rubin Chen, Nikhil Mehta,and Sydni Towe.   Even though the teams face each other, they train together in weekly practices on Sunday and are friends on and off the court.  Teammates often compete against each other in USTA tournaments, but still remain friends going to see” Wreck It Ralph” after battling on court.  We hope for continued success for both teams in our first year of team tennis competition.

Straight AcesCaptain Maureen Parker

Aidan Arciero, Owen Brehm, Regina Erwin, Adysen Farrell, John Hogan, Riley Kern, Emily Pecora, Hanna Pecora, Ava Vitiello, Daniel Vitiello



Sportime Acers are 6-0 having won 34 out of 36 sets played

Sportime Bombers are 4-2 and have a 26-9 record in sets

Saratoga Aces are 4-1 with a 25-5 record in sets

15-LOVE is 4-1

Scared Hitless is 3-3

Capital Region Mini Netters are 2-4 

Junior Slammers are 0-6

Straight Aces are 0-6


Some of the 12 & Under Sportime Girls

Some of the 12 & Under Sportime Girls


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