January 13. 2011 Tweets

MicaelaBryan Micaela Bryan 19h
My daddy (@Bryanbros) and the guy that looks like my daddy (@Bryanbrothers) did it again! @sydneytennis pic.twitter.com/o4uKN8bA
(So this is what they do with their trophies) – Ed
Bryan Baby

Whoever said tennis was a great family bonding experience never shared a room with my husband and daughter. Trust me. It’s not.

samgroth Animals in the player lounge #snake #python #scared #getthisthingoffme

CLICK HERE for this picture

It’s not just a story about the favorites @AustralianOpen, there will surely be a couple Cinderellas too http://www.tennisspin.net/2013/01/australian-open-preview-cinderella.html …

Here is an excerpt from this article:

January 12, 2013

Australian Open Preview: Cinderella Stories

A couple players come to Melbourne at career highs, others at recent lows. Some of the favorites may be vulnerable, and a couple just out of seeding territory might just be ready to pounce. And while upsets could happen anywhere, being classified as a real Cinderella will need a combination of luck, timing and talent. So this year I’ll be scanning the draws for some potential spoilers and pick a pair of players who, if everything goes their way, might just find themselves fighting for a semifinal spot.

Read the whole article – HERE


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