Choosing a College

Good info from “Parenting Aces” Twitter Feed – @Parenting Aces

Two articles from the Ivan Lendl International Junior Tennis Academy site.

Can’t Decide Which Colleges to Contact?

A good way to narrow your search when beginning the college placement process is to make a list of potential Universities that interest you. This will help you eliminate schools that may not fit the characteristics that will help you achieve the goals for your tennis career.

Sample Question: If sports were not a factor, would I still want to get my education there?

Read the whole article – HERE

Back to the Basics

In the last College Placement post we talked about how to find the right college fit for you.  Now it’s time to start contacting Coaches…..but first, let’s get back to the basics – back to English class.

When you’re contacting college programs and coaches, it is extremely important to use correct grammar!  You should always check your spelling and punctuation before sending any correspondence.

For more on this subject – CLICK HERE

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