Wilson’s new Tennis Balls for Red Clay and Green Clay

Wilson CalyFrom Tennis.com

The Tour Clay Red balls are built for use on red-clay courts and targeted for Europe and South America. The Tour Clay Green balls, endorsed by Har Tru Sports, are created for Har Tru (green-clay) courts, predominantly found in North America. Typically, red-clay courts elicit a higher bounce than Har Tru courts.

Wilson says a new feature it calls “Element Guard” technology “prevents moisture and sediment pick up and offers a more consistent playing ball.” Essentially, it diminishes the amount of dirt that can accumulate on balls during the course of play. The concept is designed to keep balls free of clay build-up, and create a truer bounce in the process.

A quote from a Wilson’s Press Release:

“We are very proud of our ongoing focus to produce the most consistent quality tennis ball utilized on hard courts around the world and are now excited that we will stand behind this same focus for premium performance on clay courts globally,” said Jon Muir, general manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “It may be taken for granted by many consumers, but Wilson continues to ensure all levels of players who want the most consistent and best performing tennis ball can play Wilson with confidence on all court surfaces.”


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