Junior & College Tennis – 8 Intriguing Questions for 2013

Colette Lewis (Zoo Tennis blog) is also a writer for tenisrecruiting.net  In this weeks Tennis Recruiting article, Colette poses questions we will know the answers for sometime in 2103 starting off with:

1) What will the USTA‘s junior competition schedule look like for 2014?

A year ago, the changes proposed by the USTA’s junior competition committee were rumored but still unknown. When the final proposal was released, including elimination of two gold ball tournaments, reduced draw sizes for the two remaining National Championships and entry to them determined by sectional play alone, those opposed had precious little time to act.

6) Will the American boys born in 1998 continue to excel?

A wise Division I coach recently told me that “every federation thinks their 14-year-olds are the best in the world.” That’s possible, of course, because there’s not much opportunity to collect results that would prove otherwise. But measuring by Les Petits As and the ITF World Junior Tennis 14-and-under team competition, the United States can plausibly claim their boys born in 1998 are the world’s best. The evidence: Francis Tiafoe won last year’s Les Petits As, where all the boys semifinalists were from the US, and Tiafoe, Michael Mmoh and William Blumberg won the World Junior Tennis title in August.

Read more at: http://www.tennisrecruiting.net/article.asp?id=1603

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