Skidmore Mens Tennis Review

Skidmore-yellow-logoWith the start of the league schedule coming up soon we look at the Division3Tennis review of Skidmore’s Mens Tennis Team.  They write:


Skidmore has developed a reputation for underachieving over the last couple years, but I don’t think it’s necessarily deserved. Last year, they started off their season by dominating Vassar and New York before stunning Trinity (TX). They proceeded to lose badly to Wash U, for which they were judged overly harshly because of Wash U’s ranking at the time. They never got another big win (or even came close) after that, but they also never suffered a bad loss. The previous year was similar, except they didn’t actually pull off the upset over Bowdoin at the beginning of the year. Judging by their last three years and their lineup, the Thoroughbreds will be moving up either this or next year. They’re returning five out of six singles starters, have 0 seniors on their roster, and brought in a Canadian who could be good and an underrated 2-star. Overall, I would say their whole roster could use another year of experience, but, for parity’s sake, I’m hoping they prove me wrong.

There is a lot more to the review which you can see by CLICKING HERE

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