Supporting Tennis Projects

Want to support a Tennis Project? One way is to go to where you will find the Tennis Youth Project.

Youth Tennis Project

“Youth Tennis Project provides custom tennis rackets to kids to use for free in our public courts. Our goal is to get 250,000 tennis rackets to kids. Every accumulation of $100.00 we will give a custom tennis racket to the kids. We will work alongside the USTA partners to distribute these rackets.

Over the past three decades, childhood obeseity rates in America have tripled and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. The numbers are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities, where nearly 40% of childeren are overweight or obese.

Even though these numbers are grim, we can start making a change.

I’ve been involved in tennis for years and it frustrated me that we’re not doing more to make tennis fun and attractive for kids.

So I developed a process to custom wrap tennis racket frames using liquid printing. It took trial and error, but when we got it right it was amazing. It looked so cool that I thought this is a chance for all kids to belong to a tennis club… the youth tennis project club!”

Read More or make a contribution – HERE

Contributions of $25 get a custom designed T-Shirt; $100 gets a T-Shirt and a Visor; $250 gets a custom Metal Tennis Racquet; $500 gets a custom Composite Tennis Racquet and $1,000 gets a custom, top of the line Graphite Racquet.

Another project at indiegogo is buildOn‘s Lower Merion High School chapter and Legacy Tennis Education teaming up to travel to Haiti to build another school!

Lower Merion High School’s buildOn Chapter is teaming up with Legacy Tennis and Education Center this school year in the attempt to build another school in a deserving Haitian Community. Last year, 18 Lower Merion High School students successfully raised over $70,000 to finance the construction of a school in Taverne, Haiti. They then traveled to Taverne last May and spent two weeks living with host families, working side by side with the community to physically construct the school.

This was a life-changing event for the 18 Lower Merion High School students that participated. There wasn’t a dry eye between our Trekkies and the community members of Taverne when we left and the bonds and connections remain strong today. We would like to offer this experience to a second group of students from Lower Merion High School and heighten the experience even further by teaming up with our friends from Legacy Tennis and Education Center.

Our goal is to raise the money necessary to finance a new school and once again travel back to Haiti to build it. This experience will not only provide a Haitian community with the educational opportunities they deserve, but it will continue to change the lives of our students here at both Lower Merion and Legacy, guiding them to further service and commitment to important causes in the future.

About Legacy Tennis:

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare young people, especially those from under-resourced families and communities, for success as individuals and as active, responsible citizens through innovative tennis, education, life skills, and leadership development programming.


In 1952, William J. Clothier, II founded the Philadelphia Tennis Patrons Association which was merged with the Philadelphia National Junior Tennis League 44 years later to become Philadelphia Youth Tennis. In 2003, Philadelphia Youth Tennis became Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education; a leader 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Three years later, the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Center located in East Falls was constructed as a premiere facility dedicated to innovative youth tennis and education programming.  In 2012, the organization became Legacy Youth Tennis and Education.

Today we provide high quality tennis instruction by experienced instructors, educational programming, and positive opportunities to more than 4,500 children annually, most of whom participate at little or no cost through our indoor after-school and community programs and the National Junior Tennis and Learning’s outdoor summer program. Using tennis as the primary motivator, the programs teach positive, rewarding lessons, build confidence, and provide a framework of personal discipline

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education Programming

Our organization has a deep rooted history and tradition in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia and Camden.  We stand on the shoulders of so many devoted individuals and families who comprise the multi-textured fabric of who we are and what we do.  These people provide us with inspiration and guidance for empowering young people, especially those who come from families and communities lacking in resources and opportunities.  One of these individuals is the great Arthur Ashe.  Arthur Ashe’s legacy is a rich one and includes extraordinary tennis achievements, breaking racial barriers in an overwhelmingly white tennis community and serving as an active, engaged citizen deeply involved in the issues of the day. This remarkable man has served as a model and beacon around which we have been actively building out programming for helping young people grow as individuals and as caring, responsible, and active citizens. We are building and expanding on our programming to reflect Arthur’s life and legacy, as well as many local pioneers who have helped us blaze a trail with and for the young people we serve.

Legacy Youth Tennis and Education currently operates various programs both in communities in and around greater Philadelphia, and at our campus center in East Falls.

Youth Leadership

The Goodstein Junior Leadership initiative is a vital part of our organization and the wider community. The young leaders in this program are actively involved in homelessness and hunger relief, literacy and tennis instruction with young Legacy participants, recycling and environmental awareness. The young participants are fully involved in key aspects of the organization, including low-dollar fundraising and many facets of program-planning and design, and low-dollar fundraising support. In many ways, they have become the standard-bearers for what Arthur Ashe himself saw as the fundamental mission of our organization – providing opportunities for young people to become active, engaged citizens in the broader community.

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