Ask Andy Murray

The BBC ran an article on January 21st where Andy Murray answered questions from fans via Twitter, Facebook and the BBC’s website. Here is a sampling. Read more – HERE

Fish or chips? Richard Shepherd (Facebook) 

“That’s a tough question, because it’s kind of suggesting the fish you get with fish and chips. I would never have battered fish, like cod from the chip shop. So I’ll go for chips.”

Which former player would you most like to have had a chance to play? Simon Preece 

“My coach, Ivan Lendl. No question. I hadn’t watched many of his matches until I started working with him, then I started to watch some videos of his big matches. Now that I know him and have watched him a lot, he would be the most fun guy to go play. He was incredibly consistent, very rarely played a bad match, he did everything well – served well, good forehand, passed well, moved well.

Ivan LendlIvan Lendl, who won eight Grand Slams, coached Murray to his first last year

“He improved his volleys a lot towards the end of his career as well to try and win Wimbledon. That was the sort of guy he was. He could have won more Slams, for sure. He missed a French Open to prepare better for Wimbledon, and when he started playing the Aussie that was on grass too. If the Aussie was on hard courts, I think he would have won more. Would I have beaten him? Depends on the surface. I think on clay he would have beaten me, on grass I think I might have beaten him and on hard courts… it would have been a good match!”

Thanx to “The Slice” blog

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