Presidents Week Tournament & National Points – 2013

Logo 5Capital Region will be hosting a Level 1 Junior Tennis Tournament February 17-22 with a unique twist.  While the Singles events count toward Eastern Section rankings, the Doubles points count toward sectional ranking AND national ranking.  Because of the large number of participants the events are staggered throughout the week (schedule of events is below).    10 and Unders will be best of two sets with a match tiebreaker to 10 played to determine the winner if the players split the first and second sets.  10 and Unders will be played on a regular court using Green Low Compression balls.   The other age group events will use regular yellow balls.  The singles events feature a modified feed in consolation.  We will play as many rounds of the backdraw as we can schedule within the 2 day window of play.  Instead of a pro set to 8 in the doubles, we will use a mini set format – two out of 3 sets to 4 games.  That allows players to use normal doubles strategies including changing of serving and receiving order between sets.  To sign up for the tournament go to the tournament homepage – HERE


Schedule of events are as follows:

Girls 10 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Girls 12 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Girls 14 andUnder – Thursday,Friday

Girls 16 and Under – Thursday, Friday

Girls 18 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Boys 10 and Under – Tuesday, Wednesday

Boys 12 and Under – Sunday, Monday

Boys 14 and Under – Wednesday, Thursday

Boys 16 and Under – Tuesday, Wednesday

Boys 18 and Under – Monday, Tuesday

Matches are played during the daytime hours usually between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Doubles will be played on the same days as the event singles are played.

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