(Albany, NY)  The UAlbany women’s tennis team played host to over two dozen participants from the 15-Love and NYJTL programs today in the Dane’s tennis bubble.  The guests got to meet all the Dane players and coaches, do some fun drills and games and take a mini-campus tour to get a taste of college life.
15-Love ( and NYJTL ( are two organizations dedicated to providing tennis and educational enrichment opportunities to urban youth.  Both are great organizations that have done so much for their respective communities, 15-Love in Albany and NYJTL in New York City.  It was a pleasure for our team to get to associate with these programs and to have so much fun with their young people!
Here are a couple of pictures from today’s event: one is a group pic, and the other is all the kids and Dane players doing our traditional “Hands In” huddle.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Nice piece. This is great to know about. I might use it in an upcoming newsletter if you don’t mind. It would point to your site.

    We will keep you posted if we have additional questions about the event.


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