Former Doping Official Is Convinced Tennis Is Not Clean

Dick Pound, member of the International Olympi...

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Dick Pound, who formulated the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), serving as its president until 2007, was always strong in his belief that Lance Armstrong was a drugs cheat. Now he is equally convinced that tennis has a deep underlying drug culture that needs to be exposed.

More recently the likes of world no.3 Andy Murray called for a reduction in prize money to ensure the International Tennis Federation’s drug testing program get sufficient money to finance proper blood testing in the game.

Pound continued: “It used to be fun during rain delays at Wimbledon to see matches of McEnroe and Borg of a few years ago. They looked like little old men. Even Lendl, who was notoriously fit, would look like a little old man compared to these folks now, running, lunging, lashing for three hours at a stretch.

“Look at the difference in build and sustained level of activity. If the tennis authorities don’t believe there is EPO or HGA use now they are not paying attention.”

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  1. Thanks for the follow. This will be a big year for doping in tennis stories.

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