Bleacher Report: American Tennis Prodigy

An odd name for an article: American Tennis Prodigies You Don’t Know

RubinTrophyFor me it’s odd because it’s next to a picture of Noah Rubin who I do know.  I first saw Noah play 9 years ago at Eastern Excel Tennis Camp.  I have seen him at tournaments and have written about him since.  Noah is the highest ranked American junior tennis player in the World at #15.  He is currently recovering from a broken wrist injured playing basketball –  which kept him out of the Australian Open Juniors.  The title is also odd because it is an article about only one prodigy – Noah Rubin – but once I got past the title I found it to be a well written article.

There was this quote from Noah:

“Well in a year from now, a year and a half, I’m going to have to make a decision whether I’m going to do college or just go straight to [the] pro’s. I have a lot of people telling me different things right now, so I’ll have to step back and take a look at it every once in a while, but we’ll have to see how well I do this next year in professional tournaments. That’s what I will be focusing on is that, and the four grand slams, so we’ll see how I do then.  We’ll make a decision when the time comes, but for now, just enjoy it and have fun with everything.”

Plus there was this paragraph:

According to Rubin’s long time coach and JMTA Director of Tennis Lawrence Kleger, “Noah is the best tennis player to come out of New York since McEnroe.”

Having known Lawrence for 13 years, it was good to see him get the credit he deserves and even better to see Noah also getting the recognition.  Many times these articles quote their USTA coaches and not the great coaches who got these players to where they are now.  I hope to be able to keep writing great stuff about Noah in the future and I know he will be a great ambassador for the sport.  Read the entire article – HERE


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