Roddick Stands on Principal

Roddick 5What if you were a big name athlete and you performed in a charity exhibition and never got paid? Well if you are Andy Roddick and that charity not only failed to pay you, but failed to provide the services it is supposedly set up to provide, you sue the organization and if you win the lawsuit, you give the money to a legitimate charity.

This from Yahoo’s “Busted Racquet” Tennis Blog:

The charity Miracle Match Foundation was set to pay Andy Roddick $100,000 for an appearance fee at an exhibition match last September, and while they gave the former U.S. Open two checks for $50,000, both checks bounced and Roddick had to take matters into his own hands.

“I simply expect Miracle Match Foundation to live up to their word and obligations,” Roddick said to “They have repeatedly had issues paying the participants of their matches and very little of the money raised from these events actually goes to charity. 100% of the money I win in this case will go to the charities, which were originally supposed to benefit from that night.”

Read all about it – HERE


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