What is Mental Toughness – Coaching and the Zone

Brian1-240x300Brian Lomax of Peformance Xtra in Marlborough, Mass writes:

If you’re a sports fan, you have certainly witnessed a coach seemingly losing his mind on the sidelines.  He’s yelling at his players, he’s castigating officials, or he’s just throwing a tantrum.  Why do some coaches behave this way?  Does this behavior motivate players?  Does it help them play better?  Does it help them get in the zone?  And what is the job of a coach anyway?

Coaches can have a tremendous effect on the body chemistry of their players in both a good and bad way.  When a player makes a mistake during an event, and a coach immediately screams at him, what do you think happens to his body chemistry?  Does it get closer to being in the zone or does it move away?  In all likelihood, it moves away.  Being yelled at instills anxiety and fear in many athletes which will induce the body to release stress hormones to deal with the threat.  Were fear and anxiety in our list of characteristics of the zone?  No, they certainly were not because those things don’t help you play better.  Stress hormones reduce our ability to make good decisions and they also affect our ability to control our motor skills and balance.

Read the whole article – HERE


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