Ivan Lendl Interview

Why not interview the man.  Ivan Lendl International Junior Tennis Academy used it’s blog to interview Lendl.  Good interview.  Here are some excerpts:

What bring you the most joy in the process of working with these kids?

“I really enjoyed to see the kids and how much they improve. When they are working on something, and I could give a bunch of examples…when they are working on something and then I see them a month or two months later and they have improved also having results, having good results; going to tournaments and winning some trophies and beating players they were not beating before they came to our academy. That’s what I really like.”

What is the biggest challenge in working with Andy for you and/or Andy?

“I can not speak for Andy so I am not going to. For me, the travel. I don’t like the travel. I have traveled so much in my life that whenever I have to go somewhere, it’s the worst part of what we do together. The best parts are when we are on the court and we are preparing and practicing. I like the practice weeks a lot more than the tournament weeks because it’s more fun. You get to interact more and also you see how much better he can get or how much he is getting.”

Read the whole interview – HERE

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