Tennis, Shopping and Fitness?

ShopRite (United States)

ShopRite (United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Macaroni and Cheese can be made with whole milk, a stick of butter, enriched semolina elbows, and a plethora of full-fat cheeses.

Or it can be lightened with whole wheat pasta, skim milk, and low-fat cheeses.
It’s the second recipe that kids learned last month at the ShopRite in White Plains, as part of a new afterschool program run by the Jerry Alleyne Memorial Foundation that combines 10 and Under Tennis instruction with hands-on lessons in nutrition and healthy cooking.
The program, called “Cooking Matters for Kids,” is being offered once a week by ShopRite nutritionists, and is part of an array of programs offered by JAMF to help kids develop the skills they need to succeed both on the court and throughout their lives.
“They need to be healthy to play tennis and perform well in class,” said JAMF Director and Founder Loretta Van Raalte. “The earlier they learn the importance of a well-balanced diet and the benefits of tennis, the better off they will be.”
The nutrition sessions started about three weeks ago, and have focused on the basics of a healthy diet: from reducing sugar and fat to eating whole grains.
But the kids in the JAMF don’t only benefit from cooking classes. They also learn from playing tennis.
On Sunday mornings, JAMF offers an academy at New Rochelle Racquet Club, where kids get to learn and improve their skills. The players also compete in USTA Jr. Team Tennis, and last year took home the National title in the 18 and Under Intermediate division.

This is excerpted from the USTA/Eastern website – Learn more


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