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Junior Tournaments

Next week our area will see the best players in the USTA/Eastern Section coming to play in our area.  The Designated Closed comes to the Northern Region.  Designated Closed Tournaments are the only tournaments where players can earn points towards their Eastern Rankings and points towards national rankings.  Capital Region is hosting the Boys and Girls 12 and unders; Sportime is the host of the Boys and Girls 14 and unders; Tri City has both the 16 Boys and Girls and 18 Boys and Girls.  Next week is the qualifyer draws.  Players are playing for a chance to make the main draw. Players wins in qualifying rounds do not earn national points.  The following weekend will be the main draws.  Main draws will start early in the day Friday at all clubs.  Players losing in the main draw will be fed into the consolation rounds.

In February, Glenwood Tennis Center will host the designated doubles tournament, a single elimination tournament where wins will again count towards sectional and national rankings.  The tournament will be played during February Break, during the day, Thursday and Friday.

Tri City will also be hosting a Boys and Girls 12 and Under National Open tournament.  Players will be here from all over the country.  Draws for the National Open are limited to 64 players and players are selected based on their national ranking.  If there are openings left after the nationally ranked players are selected, then non ranked players may get in, but sectional ranking is the first consideration after national ranking.

The President’s Cup tournament at Glenwood Tennis Center is now a Level 1B tournament (more points).  Entry for this event is still open.

There are links to all of these tournament homepages on the Glenwood Tennis Web page (link is on the right).  Players can sign up online by clicking the link on the tournament homepage.

If you have any great experiences at any of these tournaments, write to us.  We will put it on the blog.


Cardio Tennis

Glenwood Tennis Center is now offering Cardio Tennis (to find out about Cardio Tennis Click on the link to the Video below).  Classes will be held every Sunday at Noon starting January 21.  For information or to sign up see the club web page, click on the calendar and click on the Cardio Tennis on the day you want to sign up.  Capital Region (Tuesday 8-9:30 and Wednesday 8:30-10:00) and Sportime/Schenectady (Sunday 9:00-10:00) are also running Cardio Tennis programs.

( Cardio Video 1 )  /  ( Cardio Video 2 )

MLK Junior Level 2 Open Update

Draws are now online for the Martin Luther King Weekend Level 2 Open.  In addition, the club will be running a junior holiday tennis camp on Monday, January 18 from 1:00-4:00.  There will be a flyer online by the end of the day Sunday, January 10.

Deadline Extended

The deadline for the Martin Luther King Tournament has been extended to Saturday at midnight.  Players who are on team tennis teams are reminded to let us know when their matches are so we can schedule around it.  Teams that want to register for the new team tennis challenge need to do so by emailing a list of their players.  The winning team will be treated to a team party at the Glenwood Tennis Center which includes pizza and soda for all.

Cardio Tennis

Glenwood Tennis Center will be doing a Cardio Tennis fundraiser for the Glens Falls Tennis & Swim Club this coming Sunday (January 10) from 12:00 Noon to 1:00pm.  The cost is $6 for members of the Glenwood Tennis Center and for members of Adirondack Nautilus.  The cost for non members is $11.  To signup contact Peter at


Glenwood Tennis Center today became the first area club to offer 24 hour online court reservations for it’s members.  The service allows members to check on courts, check on reservations made and to reserve courts anytime day or night.  They also allow club members to find matches, programs and courts anywhere in the country.  A great service for anyone traveling who wants to keep up with their tennis.  All of the services are available to club members who register through the club website.

Glenwood Junior Team Tennis Tournament Challenge

Although there are many players on Northern Region Junior Team Tennis teams that play USTA tournaments, many players have not yet experienced tournament tennis.

Introducing the Glenwood Tennis Center Junior Team Tennis Tournament Challenge.  A fun way to get more of your team’s players involved in tournaments and a great way to build team spirit.  The Challenge will involve our January and  February tournaments.  Scoring will be based on USTA/Eastern Ranking points.  The number of points, players from your team earn, in these tournaments,  will be added up.  The team with the most points wins a tennis party at the club.  The party consists of two (2) hours of court time on all 3 courts plus pizza and soda for all.  To sign up your team, the team captain must let us know by email that they want to participate we need a list of the team players emailed to us at  Captains are responsible for contacting the players on their teams about the event.  The winning team is responsible for working out a date and time for the party (date has to be before April 30).

Standings will be posted on the blog after the first tournament (see link above).  The club webpage has a link to the USTA/Eastern point table for reference.  There is also a link to the ranking page.  Winning team will be announced on the blog and posted on the club web page and the Adirondack tennis web page.  Registration for the Martin Luther King Weekend tournament closes in 9 days.  There are links to the tournament homepages on the Glenwood Tennis Homepage.

Glenwood Tennis Online

Members of Glenwood Tennis Center can now reserve courts online 24/7.  You must be a member of the club and you must first be registered.  There is a register button on the Glenwood Tennis web page.  Members will be approved within 24 hours.  When you are on the Glenwood page, there is a tab on the side that will lead you to a page with directions for making court reservations.

Glenwood Tennis Update

The new lights and ballasts are in.  Check out our brighter courts soon.  We continue to replace the old 95 watt bulbs with 110 watt bulbs so you will see it get lighter each year as more bulbs get replaced.

Upcoming at Glenwood Tennis Center


Friday, December 4 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Cost is $15 per person for club members, $20 per person for non members.  Email to:


The weekend of Decemeber 11-13 will be 10 and unders; 12 and unders; 14 and unders.  The following weekend (December 18-20) will be 16 and unders; 18 and unders.  Entries close Saturday at midnight.   CLICK HERE for tournament information.

MEN’S 4.0-4.5 SINGLES & DOUBLES – Weekly signup

Email to: for more information.

December Junior Clinics

The flyer for the December Junior Tennis Lesson session at Glenwood Tennis Center in Queensbury is now online.  To view the lesson schedule click on Adirondack Tennis in the Bloglist and click on the December Junior Program Flyer.

Adirondack Fall Classic

We want to thank all of the players in this past weekends junior tournament for making it such a great event and we want to congratulate the winners:


BOYS 10 SINGLES          Matthew Ricciardelli                      Ronan Jachuck

BOYS 12 SINGLES          Lars Olson                                            Michael Haelen

BOYS 14 SINGLES          Youssef Rajia                                      Mathew Bunch

BOYS 16 SINGLES          Ethan Long                                          Connor Ameres

BOYS 18 SINGLES          Dylan Scott                                          Taylor Whitcomb

GIRLS 12 SINGLES        Hannah Friend                                    Naveena Attota

GIRLS 14 SINGLES        Anna Steciuk                                       Veronica Gaspar

GIRLS 16 SINGLES        Emily Ellis                                             Julia Guignard

BOYS 14 DOUBLES WINNERS       Anthony O’Connell/Peter Campito

GIRLS 14 DOUBLES WINNERS     Anna Steciuk/Lauren Demetreus


Camps, Round Robins and other Juinor Tennis

In addition to the new Level 2 junior tournament in December there are several other events planned.  There will be  Veteran’s Day Holiday Camps – a Quick Start Camp for the little ones and a camp for match play ability players on Wednesday, November 11.  Click on Veteran’s Day Camp on the Adirondack Tennis web site for more information.  There is a link to the web site on the right hand side of this page.  There will be a junior round robin Friday Night October 30 from 6:00-9:00.  Cost is $15 ($20 for non members) and includes Pizza and Soda.  To sign up, send us a comment (it won’t be posted but it will get to us).

Contracts have Started

Welcome back! The indoor tennis season has begun.  Thursday was the first day for new contracts.  It was wonderful seeing everyone again.  We are looking at possibly starting daytime USTA league play.  If there is interest we will try to bring in players from Saratoga and points North to make teams.  Winning teams advance to regional playoffs in the Albany area and maybe even all the way to nationals.  I know we had a team from our area go to nationals before and it would be great to see another team get there from here.

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