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WTA – What does it Take?

A few days ago I ran a story about how much more there is to running an ATP Tour stop than just running a few tennis draws – the Special Events that go along with it.  Today I am going to look at the WTA and what it takes to get the resources to run everything.  Today’s topic – Sponsorship.

So how many sponsors does a modern tournament need – a look at a stop on the Women’s Tour with $220,000 in prize money.  $220,000 is a relatively small tournament so does it need 5 sponsors? or 10? or15?

Well, the recently concluded Swedish Open in Bastad had a total of 42 Sponsors and partners.  The Title Sponsor – Xperia – the SONY Smartphone.

Xperia Hot Shots

Game, Set and Match for Xperia Hot Shots

Next Come the Principal Partners:

Elite Hotels of Sweden




Collector Finance & Law

Mercedes Benz

and 35 other companies that provide cash and/or services in exchange for promotional considerations:

10 Official Partners, 1 Official Clothing Partner, 2 Partners, 6 Media Partners, 5 Official Suppliers, 5 Suppliers, 5 Exhibition Partners

For the complete Sponsor List – CLICK HERE

To put it another way, to sign up this many sponsors in a year you would have to resign old sponsors or sign new sponsors at the rate of 4 every 35 days.

So the answer to our question – What does it Take? It takes a lot of time and effort and a lot of sponsors to make a WTA Event.

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