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Top Shape Tennis

What is Top Shape Tennis?

Top Shape Tennis is designed by a former ATP Tennis Professional Tennis player & a Elite Personal Trainer – the program is a online based tennis-specific training fitness system geared towards enhancing the shape of any tennis players no matter what level you are playing at – a great starting program for the beginning tennis player to the most seasoned recreational tennis athlete.

What does Top Shape Tennis consist of?

By participating in Top Shape Tennis you will get a 30 day tennis-specific training program that are built on 5 levels. Every 7th day you will receive a new training program that advances you to the next level. Additionally, once you sign up you will receive a customized nutrition program, daily educational and inspirational blog posts and customer service support provided by our Personal Training Coaches.

What kinds of workout do I get?

Since tennis is a high-impact sport the program has been designed with low-impact training exercises called Fusion Functional Training to further strengthen you as a tennis player on the tennis court to keep yourself balanced & injury free. The functional training technique enhances your power, agility, and endurance. The Top Shape Tennis workout system provides you with a range of various exercise techniques that will enhance your game on the court. These exercise routines includes conditioning techniques, core strengthening exercises, resistance training, plyometrics training, and breathing techniques. The program was designed to maximize the results for anyone who wants to maximize their tennis performance within 30 days.

The Top Shape Challenge program is a competitive tennis fitness program that is weight loss/tone based. This challenge is for you who want to both take part in the Top Shape tennis program but also want to compete for some amazing prizes provided by our participating partners & shape up at the same time! It will benefit you in 3 ways – shape you up, improve your tennis game & you get a chance to win amazing prizes.

You will receive a 1 hour exercise program during your 30 day training period where you will follow a customized nutrition- and tennis specific training program. You can do all the exercise moves from home, at the gym or even on the tennis court.

During your 30 day Top Shape Challenge tennis fitness program you will also receive daily inspirational blog posts that will provide you with additional tips/tricks in how to improve your tennis game. You will receive training inspiration in how to not only become a stronger tennis player but also how to stay injury free while doing the thing you love – to play tennis!

What Can I Win?

The winner of the Top Shape Monthly Challenge will win prizes provided by Head, Maui Jim, Chobani & much more.

How Do I win the Top Shape Challenge?

The Top Shape Tennis Team will choose 10 participants who have achieved the best results based on the measurements provided & on the before & after pictures that have been provided to us. Once the 10 finalist have been chosen these finalist will be added to our draw voting challenge on our Facebook page – where the winner will be chosen by the one who received the most liked votes.

Cost: $54.95
Duration: 30 Days
Start: The 1st of Every Month

To sign up – CLICK HERE

For more information – CLICK HERE

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