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Proposed Expansion at the National Tennis Center

Borough residents have had mixed reactions to the USTA’s expansion plans at Flushing Meadows Corona Park since they were first announced last June.

The expansion plan, which will  utilize an additional .68 acre on top of the 42 acres the USTA currently sits on, includes construction of two new stadiums and two parking garages and is in addition to other proposed projects at the park which include a new soccer stadium and retail mall near Citi Field.

Proponents of the tennis center’s expansion, including Mayor Bloomberg and Borough President Marshall, say that the project will be a boon to the local economy while providing additional jobs. The USTA says that the annual US Open tournament creates 6,000 seasonal jobs with about 585 full and part-time positions for Queens’ residents.

“The USTA has created an extremely lucrative business utilizing this public parkland that last year made $ 275 million while giving just $ 2.5 million back to the city,” said Geoffrey Croft, of NYC Park Advocates, a nonprofit group dedicated to improving public parks.
“The USTA is a wonderful organization but the impacts to the park are well known and should not be increased.”

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Peter Bodo Looks at the Women’s Wildcards at the U.S. Open

Here is a good article on the 8 Women’s wildcards at the U.S. Open this year.

Today, we’ll check out the elite eight women who earned—or conspired to secure by some other means—a free pass into Flushing Meadows.

It may not be right up there with winning the Poweball lottery, but any player who gets a chance to perform on the big sports stage in New York without having qualified for direct entry has to count him or herself very lucky (or very good).

Read the article – go to: http://blogs.tennis.com/tennisworld/2012/08/wild-women-of-the-us-open.html

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