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Ryan Harrison Tweets and More Tweets

Saw this tweet at @RyanHarrison92.  “How can I take advantage of my last 8 hours as a teenager.”

I’m sure if I saw it earlier my readers would have given him lots of good feedback.  Of course he is playing in a different time zone so he may still be a teenager somewhere for a few more hours.

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Then there is Serena (#serenawilliams) trying to find the perfect pillow.
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@ivokarlovic – Highlights of a month of Ivo Karlovic tweets

I called room service. The guy didn’t understand “Tuna sandwich”. So he called another person who understand “Tuna sandwich”. Geez..

Whether I’m happy with the way I played or Not depends greatly on whether I won the match or lost.

Ha! Blue clay.. It looks like something Smurfs would play on.

Meta World Elbow

“Sprint Half time report brought to you by… Sprint!” -Really..

I think its time somebody invents electric soup blower..

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At @BMATTEK , Bethanie MattekSands send a tweet pic with the tweet “Really!?!? The tournament spelled this wrong!!!”

Challenger Tennis – Ones to Watch – Denis Kudla

This is another, in a series of posts about the 2010 year end picks of the “Challenger Tennis” Blog for players to watch in 2011.  At the time Denis was ranked #494 in the world in singles and #521 in doubles.  His singles ranking has since risen to #326, while his doubles ranking rose to #431.

Let’s start at the end: the end of last year, when Denis won two of his final three junior tournaments of 2009 (and he might have run the table had he not had to retire at 0-2 in the 3rd set of his R16 Orange Bowl match). And these weren’t just any old tournaments; Kudla took the titles at the Eddie Herr International, where he beat Marton Fucsovics in a gutsy three-set showing, and the Grade A Casablanca Junior Cup, where he beat then #1 world junior Juan Sebastian Gomez 7-6(6) 6-2.

At the beginning of this year, Denis described himself primarily as a counterpuncher who liked to try and move forward from time to time but who could change up his game if he needed to.  Then fast forward to the end of the summer, when he expressed a desire to try and make the forecourt even more of a factor in his day-to-day play. “When I’m playing well, I like to move forward, and it’s something that I want to make consistent in my game,” he said. “I think that if I keep doing it, it could take me to the top level.”

Part of this new, aggressive mindset has to be due to Kudla’s pure physical transformation in the past year or so. Which is a fancy way of saying: he’s grown a lot. He’s become stronger and he’s filled out some. One of the reasons I’m so sold on Denis’ potential is he’s a bit of a late bloomer, physically, and yet he’s still been able to get big-time results. While a kid like Jack Sock was already a fairly hulking specimen at 16/17 years old and may not have much more growing to do, one only has to see the difference between Denis now and, say, a year ago to conclude he’s just beginning to hit his physical stride, and may have a fair farther distance to travel down that road. So if he’s getting these kinds of results while not being near his full physical potential, well – look out, tour, I say.

Kudla – Sock

Another great thing about Kudla is his work ethic – I’ve never heard or read one person busting on Denis for not giving his best effort, both on and off the court. Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t a big specimen early that contributed to his scrappiness and his dogged determination, whether it be in drills, in the gym, or grinding through a long rally or match. Regardless, this quality will serve him in good stead as the Kiev-born, Northern Virginia boy tries to weather the sometimes-difficult transition from juniors to pros.

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SPECIAL NOTE – In 2008 at the Hardcourt Nationals at Kalamazoo, Matt Kandath defeated the 3rd seeded Denis Kudla,  later that year Kudla got even at the Eddie Herr.

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More Kudla

MEET DENIS KUDLA from “On The Go Tennis” Blog

Denis Kudla is one of the rising American stars on the ATP World Tour. Today he stunned Ivo Karlovic in his first round at Newport, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 6-4, and afterwards he sat down with me to do a quick off-court Q & A.

Q. What is your greatest moment on the tennis court?
Definitely today, today was my greatest moment, beating Ivo Karlovic. It just gave me a sense of belief that I could really make it. I’ll also say, when I was 14 or 15, being on Arthur Ashe Stadium and playing on Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day. It was really incredible for me. Seeing Federer and Nadal, looking up to them as a young kid, it was just a dream.

Q. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I would probably say someone who does everything really slow and takes their time on everything, or chewing with your mouth open. I can’t stand that.

Q. What is your greatest fear?
Spiders. I’m terrified of spiders. Even on the internet I freak out.

Q. Any nicknames?
A lot people call me Kuds, you know Kudla’s my last name, and that’s pretty much it.

Q. Do you have a lucky charm that you bring on the court?
No, not really. I try to get away from superstition and lucky things because then I’ll depend on it too much. I use this chain, [points to neck] a cross from my Grandma from Ukraine, so I consider that my lucky charm.

Q. Do you still have a lot of family in Ukraine?
No, not really, I just have a grandma over there now.

Q. When did you come over to the States?
I was one.

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